The Fort Collins Mural Project committee is comprised of artists and art enthusiasts who review, select, and oversee every mural project. 


Lindee Zimmer

Public art has been a growing passion of Lindee’s since she painted her first mural in High School and has continued to seek out individual mural projects in adulthood. Her passion has lead to the creation of the FCMP, a dream she has had for years. She is dedicated to working with talented local artists and businesses to build on the contemporary art scene and community in Fort Collins. In her free time, Lindee enjoys swimming in water and contemplating the nature of existence.

Amy Bradley

Being a founder and owner of the Downtown Artery, Amy has played a chief role as the Director of Operations since the Artery’s birth.  She has a passion for and dedication to the arts and believes that a vibrant art scene is a necessity for successful communities.  In her free time, Amy pets her cat, screen prints, and draws weird things.

Jordannafcmp copy.jpg

Sam Cranshaw 

Sam is an aspiring landscape architect working for the City of Fort Collins Parks department and the Lincoln Center. He has been an active multi-media artist for over fifteen years and his work has been displayed in New York and around New England. A huge proponent for public art, Sam aims to contribute to the transformation of the Fort Collins art scene and help beautify this town in creative and inspiring ways. He is also a Fort Collins native and a life-long skateboarder.

Jordana Barrack

Jordana is a local pottery artist, and advocate for encouraging more visual arts around Fort Collins.  She is the convener for the Fort Collins River District’s business group, manages water program granting for the New Belgium Family Foundation, and is the Corporate Secretary for New Belgium Brewing.  Jordana is driven to help curate a vibrant and inspiring community surrounding Downtown Fort Collins and believes street art is an important characteristic in creating that urban vibrancy

Kelly McDonnell

Kelly is an art lover and a firm believer that beauty is one of the most important elements of life. As an environmentalist and an avid bicyclist, Kelly seeks beauty in everything she does and encounters. She believes that art in public spaces is just one way to express that beauty is and can be accessible to everyone. Her talents are not particularly artistic; instead she supports the FC Mural Project operations.